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5 Ways To Bring Thousands Of Visitors To Your Everlesson Blog

1. Add graphs, illustrations, charts and images (with source)

If you’re the person who can do illustrations, take pictures, make charts, or even create funny scribbles through Powerpoint in Office Pack, you should not neglect this talent – however small and simple – to use it to develop your blog content . By uploading these images to your site (or using third party services such as Flickr and taking the photo link with the legitimate copy requirements on your site) you can find another source of visitors by Google Image search results, Get visitors to your site.

If you use images, I’m more likely to have a way for others – from your everlesson review site visitors – to use these images on their sites legally and with your permission, of course if you are the owner of this image (you are the one who created it). For example, you may have marked images under your site showing that it is okay for the visitor to reuse this image but with the post link – which contains the image – where the image will be placed with the source. You may also make it as a link placed in the sidebar and include it under the terms of use and reproduction, or in any manner that you deem appropriate for use with your visitors.

There are some people who will use your photos without reference to you, or put a reverse link on their site, and you can easily find them by Google’s image search feature Image Search Function Similar images.

Click “similar” or similar to any image and Google will show other images you think resemble them, which often reveal illegal users of images. All you have to do is access the owner of this illegal copy and treat him wisely “Want to copy my photos? It’s OK I can give you a legal link to that picture for life, not only that, but you can link the image to valuable content, and win a new friend as well .. What do you think? ”


2. Keep in mind the main keywords as you write your articles

It’s not surprising that you know that a large portion of your search engine results depend heavily on the rules your keywords target, and compare them to what visitors type in the search engines box. It’s hard to know what these words are unless you do some research before writing your article. Fortunately, there is a free tool from Google that helps you perform this task effectively. Its name is Google Keyword Suggestion or Google Keyword Suggestion Tool. ”

Type some words into the search box and click on the search button. Adwords will take the search for you, and you will bring sentences and phrases that match what you have written, according to the terms you set before the search. There’s a lot to play with in this tool, but all I want to know is the match types that Google Adwords displays.

When you use exact match, Google Adwords will display a number of guesswork results in the search that match the exact phrase. If you use broad match, you will see similar sentences related to the same topic in the search results, which may interfere with the way you type them with the word you selected as the search topic (that is, you may find a word in the search results that is not grammatical or spelling). “Phrase match” will only give you the sentences that contain the word or words you put in the search engine, so I think it to some extent give you results ranging from exact and approximate matches.

So if you want to write an article on how to generate good ideas for bloggers, I might write a title that expresses this idea. “If you want to write an article about how to generate good ideas for bloggers, Good ideas for blogging “or” blogging ideas “. Write, for example,” blogging ideas when you’re awake “or” blogging ideas that help you break intellectual deadlock “and so on.

Creating a blog post / article to target certain keywords is not as difficult as you might think, and even 80% of the article’s value comes from just using good sentences in writing an attractive title for the blog, and writing good quality content that expresses the title.

If you want more, you can read this topic for the keywords: “What are the keywords for your site and how to define them”.

3. Link your blog to other sites and blogs

The Internet did not make static content and text only! Readers value links as do bloggers, webmasters and also search engines. When you provide your material with references in the same context and in a way that there is no manipulation (be careful to make the form ideal to increase the need to link to groups or shares or pages every time you use the search terms can be certainly accepted by the search engines, but will look terrible For those who want to read your articles / posts) will draw visitors to other content and give search engines a nice reference to those previous posts.

Perhaps the most useful is to provide the contents of others with references. The expression (give and take) will apply perfectly to the Internet. Other webmasters will often receive alerts from Google or look at the messages from the informers to their content (eg, analatex, for example) to see who is talking about them and what they say.

Linking to other people’s blogs and sites is a straightforward way to get links and fame in social sites and build new social relationships by means of friendly messages, to whom you’ve referred to their topic in your blog. In the past, this tactic was the secret of the strength and persistence of my blog, and the increase in its awareness and access to many visitors. This method is still strong today.

4. Participate in sharing communities such as Reddit and StumbleUpon

The main social networking sites (such as Facebook and Twitter) are not only able to send visitors to your blog. There are unique social sites such as Reddit (with more than 2 billion views per month), StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Tumbler and Care2 Profitability, GoodReads, Ravelry, Newsvin, and much more. Wikipedia insists on maintaining its form as a non-profit organization, so it is not appropriate to include it here.)

Each of these sites has its form, rules, settings, how it works, and ways to subscribe to it, as well as rules for publishing content and sharing it with others. As in participating in a blog community or forum – as we explained in Method 2 – you should add value to these communities to bounce back to you valuable visitors coming to your blog via these reverse or external links. Simply try to place a spam comment, or even leave your link without comment, so it will not take long to see a violent reaction to that action – maybe you’re banned from commenting again – and in the worst case you will not get anything at all. Instead, learn to tie the ropes well and share effectively with others, and you’ll find a response, an admiration, and an opposite link, translated into visitors that develop your site.

These communities are also a great source of inspiration for your blog’s content by monitoring and endorsing what they gain from your blog, and endorsing the guidelines in these communities to reap the benefits of your commitment and endorsement of these guidelines through visits from a conscious audience . The most important advice to bloggers in these communities is to monitor appropriate topics and consider whether it is wise to participate or not, and will help you with the search tools available in each of these sites.

5. Use the “guest blogger” principle and accept the posts of others

When you start out, it will be very difficult to persuade bloggers to allow you to write a post on their site, or to have enough audience to drive other bloggers to contribute to your site, and certainly when your professional friends deal decisively with it. So when you do not have a compelling marketing message from your relationships, look for people who know you, who trust you, and ask any of them who has a blog to give you the chance to write an article. Then ask them to respond to the same thing and write in Your blog.

The guest blogger is a great way to introduce yourself to a new audience that does not know you, has never seen you before, a good opportunity to gain good links in an early era of blogging, and increase the references to your site that will bring you direct visitors. Of your search results, because the various internal links are the magic key to how your pages are evaluated by search engines.

There are many valuable recommendations to use the “guest blogger” method, such as:

Search for sites with an audience with the same interests. The article you write takes up a lot of your time and effort, and it does not make sense for this effort to dissipate to readers who do not care what you write to write what interests them. Spend a little time searching for articles that succeed in a site like yours, and pay close attention to the comments they leave, which is the feedback that will reflect what you will write in the coming articles.

Do not despair if you ask a guest and the answer is no. As your file grows in the area where you write, you will have a lot of opportunities and demands for you in the future, with which the answer to the first question can be changed to yes. Therefore, do not prejudice yourself from early rejection, or allow remorse to control you and push you to quit trying, but vice versa Continue trying, but beware that your attempts to harass those who invite them, not from marketing training and not training to insist that someone pay to Writing to you forcibly, this behavior may cause you to lose it forever, and you find that your email has been blocked from its inbox.

When you try to get a guest blogger to write for you, make the process as simple as possible for the other party. Show him a large amount of articles that you have written and which have not been published yet, have not been shared with others, and given the ability to read them. The majority of such requests come with “yes” because they are better than asking them to write an article for you. This will be a good way to convince you.

Also, when you ask for a contribution from a blogger that has a niche in his industry, ask him to write a specific piece, which will be much easier than writing a full article from scratch in his own way. The statistics you encourage to blogging on your site, such as your guestbook, should provide the number of followers on your social networks, the number of RSS subscribers, etc. Data like this would be a very convincing way, especially for many person’s doubts.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus are great places to find opportunities to communicate with guest bloggers. Start with those who share your profile specifically if they have a blog. Also, you can try tools like Google’s search engine, Google’s Blog Search, Arab Robot Blogging, and Google Reader’s Search. These tools will have unbeatable results.

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