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Follow These Tips Before You Decide To Shop

Shopping a computer or its equipment is a very complicated process, more complex than shopping any other commodity through the Internet. The dealer Roberto Santiago’s Shopping Center pays a lot of money for equipment he hopes to exploit for a long time. Before buying the device, you must follow the shopping tips:

– Do not shop for any commodity without warranty: Before shopping for any commodity, make sure that the site is provided for the warranty service, which is to refund the price of the item. 30 days from the date of purchase.

– Not shopping online from the site deducted from the refund amount. Restocking fees: The shopper may have to pay a lot of money on these sites even if the products are returned. Some sites do not refund the full price of the products because they charge a charge for the goods Sold.

– Ensure product warranty before shopping: The types of warranties imposed by online computer sales sites are different, especially if online shopping is from a qualifying site or a site selling surplus goods. Find out what kind of warranty is on the products you want to buy and what you offer. The warranty may be provided by the site itself or the producing company. The study also provides information on the duration of the warranty and the warranty period should be at least one year.

Roberto Santiago's shopping center
Roberto Santiago’s shopping center

– Ensure that there is registered information about the product required: The details of the shopping process must be registered especially the specifications of the goods and the price agreed upon with the merchant. We print the web page where you entered and retain your shopping information. Some sites send a message to the shopper by e-mail to make sure the price is agreed and the like.

– Ask the site not to withdraw the amount through the special credit card before the product is shipped: The required products may not be available on the site and may take the study of products and buy them some time. Make sure the site does not withdraw the amount by credit card before shipping and sending the products.

– Know shipping charges for products to be marketed: Charges for charging computer equipment vary from site to site. Some sites offer a free shipping service or a small amount of money up to $800 like these few websites. Other sites range from $50 to $150. Some sites offer this service for a basic shipping fee of up to $5 or more, and then add other charges based on weight. If a shopper deals with a site of the latter type, he must calculate the fees, since the weight of the computer system usually reaches 100 lbs.

– Know the components of the device to be purchased: Some sites sell the computer without the display screen and if the shopper wants to buy the computer screen it must pay a higher price for the device: be sure before buying from the presence of a display and sound card and audio output device and mouse and modem and a keyboard and programs necessary to operate the device Etc. If this equipment is not included in the components of the computer you will have to pay a higher price to get it together for the device to be purchased.

– A thorough browsing of the sites of the sale of computers through the Internet can be directed to these sites to find the equipment to buy and will be useful if it decides to shop computer programs also.

The dangers of online shopping

Online shopping includes some risks, including:

1. Incomplete transactions: The Internet is a great resource, but it can not be predicted. In the middle of the application process, the Internet connection may be interrupted or even blocked by some updated telephone lines. Fortunately and with the use of templates all you have to do is re-order so that the transaction can be completed. However, there is a remote possibility of technical failure at the same time as the request is sent. If this happens, you may find yourself stuck in oblivion.

2. Slowness of some sites: Web sites that require a lot of time are annoying. Sparkling graphics are undoubtedly a fun thing to look at, but what attracts shoppers online is those electronic stores that make it easier for them to find the goods they need and help them complete their transactions quickly and safely. There are some things that attract online shoppers’ attention to items that are out of demand rather than demand that will never come. Of course, these things may happen even if the request is made by a catalog but is nevertheless considered troublesome.

3. Purchase from individuals Protection and assistance are available to you when it comes to buying from an online merchant, but you can not always purchase goods from a merchant. There are often unique goods or valuables offered for sale by an individual.

Due to the huge technological development of the last two centuries, a phenomenon has emerged among technology users called “online shopping” or “electronic stores”, which is a display of products and services on the corporate website or the existence of specialized websites, which displays the goods on the site And prices are clear in each product as well as full product details, characteristics and specifications. The browser reviews these sites for the goods and services they provide, as well as works to study the prices and make sure the discounts announced, so that he buys from them.

If you want to buy from the Internet, first make sure that the site you want to buy from is a safe and real site, ie not a fake location to get an owner without a commodity to sell, as well as security on the site is necessary, because you will use your credit card to buy, This site will expose you to piracy.

We will assume that you have found the site you want to shop online, choose your purchases carefully; check all the specifications displayed, click the product you want to buy; the site will add the product to your shopping basket. Complete your on-site shopping if you still have something to buy; or go to your shopping cart to pay for the goods you want. Payment is made for all goods purchased through the Internet using credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. Pre-paid credit cards, which are issued by the Bank with a minimum of US $ 300, are preferred to avoid the risk that a hacker will obtain your card information and hack your bank account Or your card account, and you can use a financial intermediary from trusted websites such as PayPal.

To ensure that the site provides you with security when entering your credit card information, you should see at the top of the web page you are from the far left the following symbol (http :), in the normal case the symbol (http), but the character (S) From Security, you’ll know that this site is safe, but if you do not find it, close the page immediately because it’s probably a fake page.

If you see the code, enter the information requested by the Shopping site, such as your full name, address, and mailbox, enter your credit card number and the number behind the four-digit card. Make sure the amount is correct and match the amount you saw when you reviewed the item.

Some shopping sites increase the amount for shipping and delivery charges, if this is an increase on the price you first saw, do not be alarmed. There are sites that advertise that the delivery is free and the price does not increase. So you have completed your purchase from the Internet; you have only to wait for the goods to arrive.

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Follow These Tips Before You Decide To Shop
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